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"Recruitment is tough. But it has become amazingly easy with Expertite's Recruitment Management as a Service (RMaaS) platform - a much better alternative to legacy ATS and candidate CRM solutions."

Your Recruitment
Control Panel

Expertite gives your team the ability to track every critical event, stay in control of all your JDs, Candidates, Interviews, Pipeline and Performance and collaborate internally and externally in real-time.

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Get Much More
With Much Less

Shorten recruitment cycles and engage candidates more responsively and efficiently to close positions faster. Expertite helps you eliminate most repetitive, back-end tasks such as sending JDs or interview schedules, follow-ups and much more.

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Feel Empowered
With Rich Data

Go beyond a candidate's resume. Expertite tracks every bit of your engagement with candidates automatically and empowers your team with knowledge about how they performed in past interviews, their behavior, likes and dislikes etc.

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Build Your Employer Brand,

Get started by positioning yourself as a trusted Employer right from your first contact with every candidate. Expertite helps you share your organization's story and track engagement automatically. Keep your candidates informed with thoughtful status updates without lifting a finger and reduce follow-up calls.

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As a double digit-growth company with a global reach, CellPoint Mobile needed a CRM and sales forecasting tool that would give the right information to stakeholders across business, technical and admin teams, while being easy to use and fast to implement. UPilot provides just that, giving an overview at a glance, enabling sales management with minimal work and impactful insights ensuring timely follow up and relevant information sharing.

Kristian Gjerding

CEO, Cellpoint Mobile
Upilot is feature rich and designed for outcomes. They have managed to keep it simple to maintain and visually appealing for the users.

Maddy Cooper

Founding Partner at Brilliant Noise